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MV Auto Care
(07) 3255 6088

MV Auto Care offers to make your life easier so that you can have peace of mind by providing superior repairing and commercial fleet maintenance services. We understand that your fleet of vehicles is vital for your business success so if the vehicles are not out on the road, then your business is likely to be losing money. We help you to avoid problems if one of your vehicles break down on the road or somehow disrupt your business. We offer a varied range of garage services for business operators that deal with all aspects of vehicle servicing, repairs and MOT testing for your commercial fleet of cars, vans, minibuses or light commercial vehicles.

Our qualified auto repair technicians have expertise and experience in servicing any type of commercial vehicle and our mechanics understand the design, parts, and systems of almost every vehicle to ensure a successful repair. It doesn’t matter if you need reactive maintenance, preventive maintenance, or any other repair services; we have the right tools, technologically advanced equipment, and knowledge to get the job done.

Some of the services provided by us are listed below:

Providing Log Book Servicing- A proper logbook history preserves your new car’s statutory warranty and improves the resale value of your car. MV Auto Care is fully qualified to perform logbook services on most makes and models of vehicle

Repairing and maintaining Car Breaks & Clutch

Effective brakes can not only save your life but they affect the running and costs of your vehicle. The clutch on your car can be easily worn through general wear and tear, time and driving styles so it is important to keep an eye on any changes with your vehicle that may indicate a new clutch is needed.

Repairing Steering and Suspension

It is important to keep your steering and suspension in good working order for the stability of the vehicle. Steering components can be knocked out of alignment by speed humps and potholes, and poor steering puts you and your family at risk of an accident.

Providing accurate Diagnostic

Our auto diagnostics testing service check for drivability issues reduced fuel economy, check engine or service engine, distress light illuminated on the dashboard and more.

Providing Safety Certificate

A general safety certificate inspection will cover tyre quality and tread depth, brakes and suspension, body rust or damage, interior and exterior lights, oil leaks, seat belts and restraints, windscreen wear, and damage.

Perform General Servicing

A regular general servicing of your vehicle increases its longevity and also helps to avoid a breakdown on the road or accidents. Our qualified mechanic can perform general servicing and auto repairs for any car or light commercial vehicle.

Repairing Cooling Systems

Your vehicle’s cooling system helps cool down important components in the engine bay that heat during operation. So it is important to get your cooling system checked at regular intervals to avoid the risk of overheating your engine or having a vehicle that won’t start at all due to frozen engine fluids.


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