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4WD Vehicles are widely popular because of its extra traction and security but many don’t realise its constraints and limitations. Since additional power is distributed to all of its four wheels it enhances straight-line traction, but it does nothing to correct braking or cornering. A four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle is your first choice when the snow begins to fall or a mountain excursion is on the agenda. A 4WD vehicle must be maintained and serviced at regular intervals to ensure that it responds as expected on the road.

Oil changes, tire rotations, all routine scheduled maintenance, and comprehensive vehicle inspections should not be ignored to help keep your car in proper working condition and smooth driving experience. Regular maintenance and timely repairs help avoid more extensive and expensive repairs later. Give a call or schedule an appointment with MV Auto Care for all the repairing and maintenance services for your 4WD and get an expert diagnosis and superior service.

Log Book Servicing

MV Auto Care provides fully qualified and comprehensive service that ensures your vehicle is operating safely and economically, just according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The service includes all parts, oils and scheduled service items, checking all fluid levels and safety lights, plus safety check and vehicle inspection report.

Our reliable Log Book servicing facility can preserve your car’s statutory warranty with quality service by professional mechanics at an affordable rate. The Log Book Servicing at MV Auto Care includes Brake system inspection, Lubrication and Filter changes, Belt adjustments, Suspension checks, Steering component checks, Engine Flushes, Fuel system flushes, Coolant /Cooling system inspections and flushes, Retightening of noted components to specific torque settings, Lighting and electrical system checks, Exhaust system checks and Tyre pressure and wear checks.



Car Brakes & Clutch

Observe carefully if you have any pedal pulsation, slippage, vibration or noise produced while operating brake and clutch system, then surely your vehicle has to be inspected by expert mechanics and technicians for problems in the brakes or clutch. The brake and clutch system bear a lot of pressure while driving so it is subjected to wear and tear too often.

Our workshops are equipped with the latest and technologically advanced brake repair equipment which are operated only by qualified technicians to assure you of quality repairing and maintenance services. The brake and clutch services at MV Auto Care involves Replacement of brake pads, Inspect calliper’s and service slides, Clean disc rotors and inspect for a sign of wear out, Test and top up brake fluid, Check wheel bearings and adjust as necessary and Road test vehicle and check brake operation.

Steering and Suspension

The suspension of a vehicle maximises the friction between the tyres and the road surface, to ensure steering stability, passenger comfort and good driving experience. The suspension system absorbs the energy of the wheels’ movements, allowing the frame and body of the vehicle to ride smoothly while the wheels follow the variations in the road surface. The steering and suspension can be affected due to many reasons like adding enhancements and accessories to your vehicle as the additional weight can change the vehicle dynamics of your 4WD.

If your 4WD wobbles or bounces while driving, the tyres are wearing heavily on one side more than the other, when driving straight you have to hold the wheel more to the left or right, and when you drive over bumps or dips it feels like your car offers no support then it is time to consult reliable and qualifies repairing and maintenance service providers like MV Auto Care for proper inspection and vehicle repair services.


Our Technicians consist of qualified mechanics and auto electricians who conduct accurate diagnose and carry out repairs according to the requirement. We are equipped with the latest scanning and diagnostic tools to ensure any faults or problems are quickly revealed and can eliminate the chance of costly repairs in future. We can also customise our servicing to meet your requirements before you are planning a road trip or before you decide to buy a second-hand car.

Our experienced and expert check your electrical system, locate and repair or replace the faulty item, carry out wiring and lighting repairs and fit the dual battery and auxiliary systems to ensure safety on the road and maintain your vehicle in the top-notch condition.

Safety Certificate

You need to have a road safety certificate when you are planning to sell your 4 WD or if you are going to transfer a registration to a new owner or when you are re-registering an unregistered vehicle. Our expert mechanics know how to handle a wide range of car services and ensure that your vehicle will be performing at its best on the road.

The main areas that are checked before issuing a road safety certificate are tyres, brakes, steering, suspension, windscreen and lights. The vehicle’s body also must be checked for rust and damage. A road safety certificate simply indicates that the vehicle meets the required safety standards for Queensland roads and doesn’t mean that the vehicle is mechanically sound.

General Servicing

MV Auto Care ensures thorough and professional safety checks by qualified mechanics to find problems early on before any serious damage is done to your 4WD. We continue to invest in technologically advanced equipment to properly perform comprehensive maintenance on modern vehicles.

The general servicing by MV Auto Care include water pump repair and replacement, gearbox servicing and maintenance, propeller upgrades, strut bush, log and gland servicing, engine tuning, alternator and starter repairs, trailer bearings and brake bearings and more.

Cooling Systems

MV Auto Care is well equipped to handle all minor and also all major repairing and maintenance services with expertise. The cooling system primarily works to dissipate and remove heat from a vehicle’s engine. The faulty cooling system reduces the efficiency of the vehicle can lead to a potential radiator replacement and major engine or radiator repairs down the road which is expensive.

Our experienced technicians can handle cases of Blocked radiator cores, little to no coolant in the system, Incorrect coolant, stuck thermostat, electric fans not cutting in when required, cracked or leaking hoses, warped head or cracked head gasket, split seams on your radiator and issues with your heater or heater hoses.


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